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Refreshed online & mobile banking now available

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As a result of a recent core banking system upgrade, a refreshed version of eLink Internet banking is now available. In addition, there is some added functionality with eLink ON-THE-GO. Please note there are no changes to the details you use to log into eLink and other associated information such as personal payee details is still available.

While redirects are in place, if you are unable to access the new systems - you should access from the respective homepages - so either for eLink Internet banking or for eLink ON-THE-GO mobile banking, refresh your browser session so you are getting the latest version and then click the respective links. If this does not work, you may need to clear the history/cache on your Internet browser.

Review the information below to get a sense of what's changed:

eLink Internet banking

  • You'll notice a refreshed design that still incorporates the primary navigation across the top of the screen.
  • Whether you are transferring funds internally (within SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank accounts) or to an external account at another financial institution, this is all contained within the one ‘Transfer Money’ option.
  • Increased information is accessible on your available funds, including the Internet and mobile transactions that are impacting the total funds available.
  • The ‘Pay Later’ (including recurring payments) functionality is now contained within the main transaction page (whether it’s an internal or external transfer (including BPAY payment)) – you’ll notice there are options as to when you want to make the payment – either immediately, on a particular date or recurring based on a particular frequency and to recur by a certain number of payments or to cease on a particular date.
  • Personal Payees information is now contained in two address books – an Account Address Book for payees you make payments to using BSB and account details and a BPAY Address Book for payees you make payments to via the BPAY service.
  • When transferring money or making a BPAY payment, you can only save details in an address book for a new Personal Payee (for future use) if you include a nickname for this payee. This can be anything that will help you identify this payee.
  • On the homepage you can move the information boxes around based on your own preferences and what you consider most important to you and while you can collapse the information within each of these boxes so it does not display, this is not recommended as you may miss out on vital information relating to your accounts.

eLink ON-THE-GO mobile banking

  • The design remains very similar but as part of the 'more' menu option, there is increased functionality including:
    • accessing future payment information
    • managing personal payees (including editing and deleting payees)
    • viewing any pending authorisations (if you are an authority on a 2 or more to operate account) to authorise payments, and
    • viewing secure email correspondence with SERVICE ONE. 

Assistance and support

If you are unsure about any of the new layout or functionality of eLink Internet banking, you can select the 'Help' option under the 'Help and Support' main menu item and this offers a description of what the functionality on that page allows you to do. 

Alternatively, contact 1300 361 761 during business hours and our staff will be happy to take you through it.

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