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Visa Cards

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Visa Debit Card

The Visa Debit Card is attached to a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank savings account, allowing you to use your own funds across Australia and internationally. Visa Debit card transactions within Australia do not incur transaction fees when you select the Credit (Cr) option. Accessing your own funds also means that you do not incur any interest charges.

For even greater flexibility, this card can be linked to an Overdraft, providing you with access to the funds you need.

Visa Card

The Visa card is linked to a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank Overdraft facility, essentially acting like a traditional credit card product, and offers a competitive annual interest rate. Even better, Members with a SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank home loan are entitled to a Visa card at the SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank Standard Variable Home Loan interest rate, saving you even more.

A summary of these cards' features is offered below:


Visa Debit card

Visa card

Worldwide ATM and EFTPOS access Access to your funds through the Visa network - more than 1.5 million ATMs in 150 countries and 29 million stores displaying the Visa logo.
Telephone and Internet access Your card provides you with the convenience to pay household bills or make purchases via the Internet or over the phone.
Cash advance facilities Not available Use your card at any ATM displaying the Visa logo, or over the counter at any financial institution accepting Visa.
Interest rate charges No interest is charged as you are accessing your own funds. A low annual interest rate makes this card great for those who do not make a large number of purchases or tend to carry a balance.
Competitive interest rates   View interest rates.
Low transaction fees Visa transactions do not attract any withdrawal fees when you select the Credit (Cr) option. Visa retail and merchant transactions do not attract any transaction fees.
Continuing Credit Insurance   This insurance helps you cover your card repayments should anything occur.

In addition:

  • You get added security when purchasing online with the Verified by Visa service.
  • SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank Visa cards are equipped with payWave functionality - giving you a faster method of transacting.
  • Approval can be granted quickly upon receipt of your application.
  • You can select your own PIN number.
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