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Looking to save more?

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Feel like you're not really making progress in the savings department? Good spending habits and sound budget management require work... but it's not as hard as you may think. Below is a snapshot of SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank products and services on offer to help you accelerate your savings.

Savings and transaction solutions These range from the Day to Day Account that offers the complete gamut of access channels to the Money Management Account that requires a minimum balance to be maintained and restricted access to encourage savings at a higher interest rate... and everything in between.
Fixed investment options Fixed investment options offer high levels of interest and controlled access to funds, to encourage savings and avoid the temptation of impulse spending. These include a complete range of Term Deposits, starting from minimum investments as small as $500.
Approach to fees and charges The SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank approach to fees and charges is simple - the more banking you hold, the more you save. Your entire banking relationship is taken into consideration, and you can say goodbye to individual account keeping fees. All fees and charges are clearly disclosed in one booklet - the Schedule of Fees and Charges.
Complete range of insurance solutions Sound financial management includes making sure you have insurance cover for your valuables and that your cover is appropriate so that if something unexpected happens, you're covered and there are no out of pocket expenses for you. SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank offers competitive insurance cover options for your home, contents, motor vehicle, boat or caravan.
Practical tools A range of practical tools are available to help you with your budgeting. These include a budget calculator to work our your total income and expenditure, a savings plan calculator to work out your interest on regular payments to savings accounts and a range of financial guides.

Establishing good savings habits will set you up well for later in life. But you're not on your own when it comes to working out how to do this.

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