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Mobile Banking - eLink ON-THE-GO

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Banking from your mobile phone handset or tablet - eLink ON-THE-GO

With eLink ON-THE-GO, you can access a number of the most common functions the Internet banking facility offers through your web-enabled mobile device when you're out and about.

Key features of eLink ON-THE-GO

  • check account balances and review transactions*
  • transfer funds between SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank accounts+
  • transfer funds to anyone with an Australian bank account#
  • access your payee and biller lists established in eLink Internet banking
  • pay a bill using the BPAY^ service
  • access future payment information
  • manage personal payees (including editing and deleting payees)
  • viewing any pending authorisations (if you are an authority on a 2 or more to operate account) to authorise payments
  • view secure email correspondence with SERVICE ONE
  • view interest earned on your various accounts, and
  • send requests to SERVICE ONE for a staff member to contact you regarding specific needs.

Getting started

If you already utilise eLink Internet banking and you have an web-enabled mobile device, you're ready to go. Simply type into your browser window and start the mobile banking experience (if you plan on using the service regularly, you may like to consider bookmarking this into your device for quick access next time).

In addition, you'll be greeted with a menu that will also allow you to select options to locate a rediATM or quickly access contact details for SERVICE ONE administration as well as the Branch network.

If you do not currently use eLink Internet banking, you will need to register for this service before you can access eLink ON-THE-GO.

Service optimisation

Please note that while eLink ON-THE-GO can be accessed by all web-enabled mobile devices, the service has been specifically optimised for the more common devices on the market including:

  • iPhone and iPad, and
  • Android.

If you use another device, you may experience inconsistencies in the look-and-feel of the service. Any system shortcomings that stop you from utilising eLink ON-THE-GO functionality that should be available through the service should be reported to SERVICE ONE.


If accessing the website from a mobile device and you're not seeing the simplified user-friendly site, you can try entering the following URL -

Mobile banking security

You should treat your mobile device or tablet the same way as you treat your computer in terms of ensuring it is up-to-date with anti-virus protection and you adopt security measures to minimise the risk of fraud. This has never been more crucial as these devices do more now than simply make phone calls - we access the Internet, send emails, store photos, personal information and contacts and more.

There are many of these devices on the market and they all have different security features, so spend time getting to know how you can make your device more secure. This could include activating the auto-lock feature (so the device locks after a short time of inactivity) or ensuring the device is equipped with the most current anti-virus software.

For extra piece of mind, you may like to consider utilising the Alerts service that can send you either an SMS message or email when certain activity occurs on your account or even your account balance/s at the end of each day. Find out more about the Alerts service.

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* May exclude some transactions. Transactions will be displayed once the transaction has been processed. This may take up to five business days.
+ Redraw facility not available.
# You may experience some temporary service disruptions.
^ BPAY is a registered trademark of BPAY Limited ABN 69 079 137 518.
While there are no additional SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank charges for accessing your accounts through eLink ONE-THE-GO, eLink fees and charges still apply. Internet data charges and 'call to us' charges may be incurred through your mobile or Internet service provider - check with these providers for more details.


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